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Welcome to Your Translation Krystyna Wieszczek!

Your Translation provides translation and interpreting services to companies and individual customers across the globe, helping them get over the language barrier when it comes to English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. 
To get a free quote or submit a text for translation, simply send the files, a scanned copy or a photo of the document via email (Contact). You can also send a photocopy by post.
Translated documents are either delivered by post or email or available for collecting in person
Accepted payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal and cash.
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Tel.: 0044 (0)7845039579

Certified translation of diplomas and certificates
"Dziękuję serdecznie za tłumaczenia. Będę gorąco polecać Pani usługi moim znajomym."
[Thank you so much for the translations. I will wholeheartedly recommend your services to my friends.]
— Anna Wrobel, Brighton, UK
Translation of a journal article
"Traduzir um texto é tão importante quanto escrevê-lo. Por isso procurei a Krystyna..."
[Translating a text is just as important as writing it. That is why I have looked for Krystyna... More]
— Jeferson, São Paulo, Brazil
Literary translation
"...Krystyna Wieszczek ha colaborado con nuestra editorial durante los años 2008 y 2009 realizando la traducción del polaco al español de una colección de libros infantiles [...]"

[...Krystyna Wieszczek collaborated with our publisher during 2008 and 2009 carrying out Polish-Spanish translation of a collection of children's books... More]

— Francesc Bernet, Dosbé Llibres i Publicacions, Barcelona, Spain
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